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living with certain character traits

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Living with certain character traits

  • You are the proud owner of a certain strong character trait, such as HSP, HSS, ADHD, ADD or autism. Then it's not always easy to hold your own in society.
  • That society is not designed for you, not at school and not at work.
  • People often don't understand or find it hard to deal with you.
  • Often you don't know why communicating so often fails.

Consequences of living with resistance

Because of the long-term life with the resistance you experience all kinds of addiction - related effects lurk. In an attempt to reduce the feeling of resistance or feel less appear to offer a solution to drink, drugs or eating disorders. By now, you know, of course, that this doesn't solve the problems. At most, it will have a positive effect in the very short term and in the short term.

Solution for the character

Learn to live and deal with your character trait. How to use your talents in a positive way to use your character trait.
Coaching in a warm way by people who understand you and take you seriously. Practical solutions to difficult work and private situations. Together looking for what can be done and how to do it.
Apart from the diagnosis, we will go together beforehand in search of a way of life that is appropriate for you. So you're motivated to build a future again. It is often a combination of different properties. That is why the solutions are tailor-made.
Many factors influence, such as the degree of sensitivity, but also your environment, home situation, work, family. How much understanding does your partner have?

FB group

Especially for people who want to live with a certain strong character trait, we have made a private FB group for “life with character”.
Intended for peers to help each other with recognition and solutions.
How you can positively deal with your character trait.

If it appeals to you then becomes a member. (dutch group)

Sterk karakteren eetstoornis

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