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Moment of choice in life and work: same or change.

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Methode Futura Esperanza

Various reasons can lead to someone in life being faced with a moment of choice. Live the same way or approach it differently. Want to develop further and get more out of life or continue on the same path. Sometimes there is a need to take a different course, because of an event or change in work or private life. Another reason is not to be happy in the current situation and want an improvement in life or career. Sometimes it is realized that continuing in the same way is actually a decline, so would like to develop further. There may also be a need to just want to develop further in today's career, but more in the way that suits someone's character. For example, the way of leadership. People often want to get more balance between their own character with the environment, work and activities. What is your situation?

Standing for the choice: same or change.

Choice: same or change

"changing" is not a question of the "button on'. It is a process that you go through. In that process it is important to take time for yourself to enjoy your own development. That makes it fun and useful.



Awareness: look in the mirror at your character, situation and activities


To be able to further develop in the direction that matches your character, it is good to know what the situation is now. Who are you really? How has life gone so far, what went better and less successful? What are your values in life and how much do you do with them? What creates a flow in your activities and when does resistance occur? What are possibilities and what are not good choices?
Getting started with all these things in a row makes it possible to continue in the right direction in work, life, relationships, hobbies and all kinds of personal factors.


Throw that stone away! Get rid of obstructive matters.

Let go and accept.

There may be things that block your development. Annoying past experiences or loss of loved ones. Something that 'haunts' in your head often blocks a clear mind. Certain 'triggers' can hinder you from functioning properly. Every person has experiences and has done things. Sometimes successfully, but also setback is part of life. Processing these things, giving them a 'place', accepting losses, health restrictions or certain character matters gives space.


Balancing movement across the river through your life.


Balance is part of life. Too little meaning in life or a lot of nasty surprises; that causes problems; we don't want that. It is important to take control of your own life. By determining things yourself you gain more control over a nice balance in your situation, activities, work, etc. Experiencing for yourself where your options, wishes, load capacities, etc. lie and determining your own course in this makes development easier and more fun.


Create dreams.

new opportunities.

After the previous phases, the foundation has been laid to reflect on the future. What are your dreams? How do you make dreams realistic? The whole of work, life, environment, people, activities, etc., appropriate to your character and wishes, within the possibilities. Making plans is always fun, especially if it is your future life. Now is the time to work there. From dreams to realities and how best to do that.


Hand out hearts and flowers.

Accountability and social.

Having control over your life and work career and taking responsibility for your actions yourself makes you independent. You do not let others determine your life, but you do take into account the interests of others. That works well, because with self-direction you have room for accountability for other matters. This also includes social skills. You know who you are, what you want and how to act. Being able to communicate socially well in line with your character makes it easier.


Enter the mountains of life with a plan in your hands.

Future plan.

From abstraction to a realistic plan. Knowing how to handle it and which way to go. A good plan provides security and confidence. With this you can also handle unexpected surprises. It is important to take time to make a good plan. Whether it is starting your own business, a new job, a new environment to live in, entering into a new relationship or filling in current life differently. It is also applicable to experiment whether a dream is real, how you imagined it.
An experiment with different findings. Despite a strict plan, new opportunities can make you decide to change course. Stay open to new ideas. A plan provides a clear direction, but flexibility remains important.

Action and in the road

Implementation of future plan.

Making plans is fun, but by doing it you get somewhere. The direction is clear, which makes the implementation feasible and leads you further in life. When you have reached this stage it means that you have worked hard to achieve your goals. So we are proud of you and you can be proud of yourself. Depending on your goal, life is more fun, better, more interesting or more beautiful.


Achieve the top


The Futura Esperanza method is a process through these stages of development. We guide you in a way that applies to you. Everyone is different with different circumstances etc. It's about you. You have to do it yourself, but you don't have to do it all alone..

Process of development. From awareness, letting go, balance, dreams for the future, accountability, future plan and implementation to life purpose


It is important to customize your way of development to your unique personal situation. Together, you can visualize the (un)possibilities and work in a structured way on your stable future. Step by step to initiate another thinking process (consciously and unconsciously). We offer you insights, inspiration, exercises, and focused coaching. The terms of understanding, respect, trust, and creativity are important here.

The future

It is now time to sort things out. By strengthening your mental, physical, and social resilience, we improve the balance in the pillars of work, private and personality. Together we find a meaningful interpretation of your future in society and the labor process.

Care Points

In the personal development program, attention is at least paid to:

  • Preventing mental and/or physical overload.
  • Identify stress mechanisms.
  • The private situation.
  • The work situation and the working atmosphere.
  • Your personality.
  • Conscious and unconscious thinking processes;
  • New insights.
  • Confidence in the future.

For whom?

Motivated people who want to develop but are temporarily stuck in existing patterns. They can think well, but they can use structure and inspiration. For those people Futura Esperanza offers a personal guidance to build their own future.

To determine if you are ready for Futura Esperanza below some inspiration.

  • You can think straight, but you need structure and inspiration.
  • You are motivated, but clear thinking and what you want is currently difficult.
  • You are stuck in work and/or private.
  • You need guidance in making business and/or private choices.
  • You are brave enough to confront yourself.
  • You have found out that you must do everything yourself.
  • You know very well what you want but looking for structure and future perspective.
  • You are very keen to shape a new personal or business life.
  • How will you get your vision clear and realize it?
  • As an entrepreneur, you often need expert feedback, just occasionally sparing about certain problems.
  • You have finished well-intentioned advice and accountability about yourself and you’re functioning.
  • You find it difficult to enter confrontations with other people, both socially and professionally.
  • You experience an instability between your business function and personality.
  • You are motivated to end a Burn out or you want to prevent it from happening to you.

Why choose our approach.

  • A down-to -earth objective approach to causes and consequences.
  • Clear advice
  • Coaching with experienced coaches
  • A proprietary method without influencing insurers, doctors or other interested parties
  • A lot of knowledge of the subjects stress, mental and fysical overload.
  • A future-oriented approach.
  • A personal approach
  • Customization is our standard, because no one is the same.
  • A unique approach by simultaneously improving mental, physical and social condition.
  • Much flexibility in the approach possible.


The cost of this lasting change in your life is strongly dependant on the intensity of the guidance. Of course, you determine it yourself by means of your help question, available time and financial possibilities. Many companies and organizations consider it important that people can develop and work on their healtness. They make different budgets available for this purpose.

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