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Young people with insecure lives, lost life purpose and incomprehension

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Young people and the purpose of life.

Don't try to understand me, just love me.

More and more young people have lost sight of their life objectives. They struggle with study, work, friends, circumstances, themselves and growing up. Intelligent young people in particular often experience a great deal of incomprehension. They are not understood by peers. Parents do everything for them, but experience impotence when it comes to reaching young people and advising on what is best for them. Parents want to give their children a basis with school or study. When young people don't want it's hard to give them that. Too much pushing makes for distance and hugging to death is not accepted.

Parents need to realize that their children think differently. Their brains are in development well into their twentieth years. Their experiences are different and do not underestimate the influence of Social Media. Things that make sense to adults can not be that for young people at all. No matter how smart they are.

Their parents are getting desperate and are looking for the right help for their children. We often meet the combination of intelligence and high sensitivity. Often, therefore, there is still a strong character.
Of course, there are different factors from outside, such as friends, family, school or work. That's what's going on with both of them. For example, parents where work is not going well or divorce. Or illness in one of the family members. Parents don't see that things are going wrong with the young either, because they're so smart. They seem to be indepenDENT and people think; that'll be okay.

Examples that occur:

  • Stop the study and make an unfortunate impression.
  • No more open communication, snapping or not coming home for a long time.
  • Bad food, drink and drugs. And not being honest about it.
  • A good-looking son who finds himself ugly. A mother can hardly accept that such a boy himself determines whether he is ugly.
  • Or the suicide of a sweet, intelligent young man. Those deeper layers are incomprehensible to a father and mother.

It is often difficult to deal with this negativity. However, it is important to keep the door open at all times. Young people must always have access to their parents. Whatever happened. Actively let them know they are welcome, otherwise they can decide on serious matters. My daughter once gave me the text. Try not to understand me, just love me. It's still on the wall.

If the above is known, our advice is not to wait too long to seek help. Young people live and think fast. They therefore sometimes do clumsy things, but also recover quickly. That is our experience.

Method Futura Esperanza

A proven way of identifying causes and consequences. We teach parents and young people to communicate with each other in a positive way and help young people create a new perspective for the future. Futura Esperanza means facing the future with confidence.

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