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Do I really want to be a manager?

At the moment there is a lot of demand for managers, project leaders and managers. This automatically offers many opportunities for young, newly graduated, people. The big risk is, you get thrown into the deep end. Without any practical experience, it is difficult to hold out in a demanding job.

People don't do what you want.

If you see that, it is important to ask yourself as objectively as possible why this is the case. There are a variety of reasons for this. Both positive and negative. Maybe people haven't understood you properly and you need to explain it again. Maybe in a different way. Is someone perhaps stuck in old habits? Is there something private going on that reduces alertness a little. Or is there deliberate obstructive? Once again, it is good to find out the real reason.

Business runs very differently than you've learned.

During your study you come into contact with the latest techniques. Your colleagues may never have heard of that. Moreover, new is not always better. People have difficulty with change. Go and talk and try to respect and understand each other. Probably you can learn a lot from experienced people.

The responsibility appears to be much greater due to a shortage of experienced staff.

During your application you agreed on a certain set of tasks. With a corresponding responsibility. However, with the current tightness of the LaBour market, the work has to be done with far fewer people and those who have a much greater responsibility. Not everyone can handle it right away, because you simply cannot see it. Discuss this regularly with your senior and other members of the Management team. Ask for help on complicated issues. That prevents mistakes and stress.

The work pressure and the associated stress creates an unhealthy working situation.

Stress in itself is very healthy to be able to perform optimally. Too much stress and, above all, long-term causes an unhealthy climate. Ensure adequate relaxation at work and at home. In the end, that is better for everyone. Learn to set boundaries in a respectable way. Keep your calendar from flooding and your mailbox from exploding. By taking the right measures in time, you will ultimately be much better able to keep up Take control of your life yourself. Others don't know what's good for you, you only know that yourself.

Young managers with future questions.

For many substantive questions, numerous advisors can be found. Colleagues, executives, the industry association or the various suppliers and customers. However, you can seriously question the degree of independence of these counselors. Everyone has his or her own interest. Moreover, it is not always convenient to share personal matters with your work environment.
It is also more difficult for other sensitive issues. Like the experiences of other young managers and entrepreneurs. What do they actually struggle with and how do they solve that?

Then it can be very nice to exchange thoughts with a loan indepenDENT coach. How to handle certain things. All in a safe, enclosed environment. Let's talk about your decision to become a manager. Do you really want it? Does it suit your character or do you have completely different dreams. Discussing your sensitive points and how to deal with them.

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