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Personal coaching for entrepeneur

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Personal coaching for the entrepeneur

In this hectic time, it is quite a challenge to keep up with you as an entrepreneur/general manager/business owner. Every day you are confronted with new challenges. Whether it's market changes, human problems, government measures, private problems, or personality traits. You are expected to stand by in fulfilling all these dissimilar roles. In general, you do well, but sometimes you need a reliable sparring partner. Someone with whom you can discuss things that you don't easily share with others within the company, a business partner, or with the partner at home. Then the use of personal guidance is a quite common step.

For example, consider issues such as:

  • Dealing with the daily stress.
  • Get grip on the increasing working pressure.
  • Support for personal development.
  • Recognize signals of impending mental overload.
  • Dealing with employees with a threatening Burn out.
  • Restore work-life balance.
  • The influence of your personality on daily functioning.
  • Method of communication.
  • Dealing with personal problems such as relationship, care taking and illness.
  • Gain insight into motivations, motifs and character characteristics.
  • Practical questions and solutions.

executive coaching journey

The most effective and efficient way to shape your development is the special trip to Tenerife. During this individual journey you will learn to better deal with your own Personality, personal circumstances in combination with the work situation. A unique combination of professional guidance and the Healing Environment of this beautiful Canarian island will give you a huge boost in your development. Learn more about this unique and personal experience.

Other possible forms of guidance.

Every entrepreneur has his or her personal help question. This can be in the field of personal development, but also in the prevention of mental overload due to work stress. Matters such as time, character, problems and private situations are crucial. You determine the degree and form of guidance yourself. Motivation, privacy, trust, understanding and respect are important starting points.

You can choose:

  • Een A “good conversation”. On average, once a month, a conversation about a current topic. Possibly supplemented with appropriate advice, exercise or information.
  • Extensive coaching. On average, once a week, a discussion about achieving pre-defined goals together. These conversations are always supplemented with appropriate advice, exercises and information
  • Intensive coaching. On average twice a week, the objective is often dictated by preventing or restoring mental and/or physical overload. These conversations are always complemented by personal advice, exercises and information.
  • Coaching trip. On this sun-drenched, hospitable island you get a lot of time to think, talk, stucture the business. By literally taking distance and being actively engaged, you get to new insights much faster.

Futura Esperanza method

A combination of existing methodologies, new insights, personal knowledge and experience. Structured work to restore the balance between work, personal and personality. We offer everyone a customized program because no one is the same.

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